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Congratulations to Cynthia Tucker, the 2014 President of the Tacoma City Association of Colored Women's Clubs, Inc. While bringing 19 years of service to the Tacoma CWC she continuously serves at both the local and state level. Cynthia began her role with the Asberry Cultural Club as the Historian and Corresponding Secretary. Her work and involvement with the Tacoma CWC and the State CWC, contributed to her completing an oral history project that documented the history of the State Association under a Washington State History Museum grant. Cynthia is an entrepreneur and small business owner and a retired employee of the State of Washington's Department of Social and Health Services. Cynthia was born in West Chester, PA. After traveling and residing in many states to include living overseas, she came to Washington via the military with her husband. She graduated from the Tacoma branch of The Evergreen State College with a degree in Ethnic Studies. In 1994 her husband prepared to retire and they decided to make Washington state their home. They presently reside in South Pierce County. Cynthia hobbies include gardening, babysitting her grandchildren, traveling and most of all researching Black Womens History.

The Tacoma City Association of Colored Womens Club, Inc Tacoma
CWC is a non-profit  organization established  exclusively for
charitable service.  The Association's mission is to promote and
improve health, education,  economic, and cultural awareness so that
lives and relationships are improved and the quality of the community
is enhanced.

Since 1944, the Tacoma CWC has assisted women and  families  
through educational endeavors, civic organizations, and social
functions. The club was founded on three guiding principles:

            Help Those in Need
            Hold Ourselves Accountable
            Take Ownership

Through the support and community involvement of citizens, leaders,
and organizations, the Tacoma CWC  continues to support and deliver
programs that allow citizens to build skills and resources that
strengthen and promote the community and  sustain such efforts over

The Tacoma City Association currently hosts four active clubs: The
Asberry Culture Club, The McCabe Twenty Club, the Matrons, and the
Future Sevens.  Together, these clubs operate the Association's
clubhouse and community center located at 2316 Yakima Avenue in
Tacoma, WA.

Click here for photos from the Nov. 3, 2012 Community Heroes Awards Banquet       

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